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  • Consensus is wonderful but there are times when a leader must buck the conventional wisdom and take action.
    Friday, August 28 2015
  • The United States Marines look for the odds to be seventy percent in their favor and then they go, go, go and adjust along the way
    Thursday, August 27 2015
  • Inflation - With fixed rate mortgages, you pay back your debt with cheaper dollars.
    Wednesday, August 26 2015
  • In the future, new construction will cost more and this continuing progression upwards will pull up values for existing properties.
    Tuesday, August 25 2015
  • The Action Principles. See the effect on those who succumb to undisciplined lives devoid of goals or standards.
    Saturday, August 01 2015
  • Watching others fail is not mean spirited. Allow life to educate you on the consequences of choice; good and bad. The Action Principles
    Friday, July 31 2015
  • The Action Principles. Know that you can do what others can't or choose not to do.
    Thursday, July 30 2015

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