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How to Sell a House, Part One

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick and this is How to Sell a House, Part One

Your hairdresser's daughter just got her real estate license

Isn't that wonderful?

Wish her luck?

DO NOT under ANY circumstance

ANY circumstances means NEVER discuss selling your house with her

Buying and selling a house is probably the largest financial transactions in which you will ever be involved

Your financial future and lifestyle could be depending on it

You want the ABSOLUTELY best professional representation available

An agent whose advice and performance you can TRUST

You want a Super Agent

Even before you choose and interview your the Super Agent -

you want a strong PERSONAL knowledge base

I suggest watching many of my real estate videos -

You'll learn a lot about the real estate business

if you aren't already working with a Super Agent as part of your overall real estate investment program -

the video HOW TO BUY a house talks about finding a Super Agent

YOU must put in the study time to research your market

I'd say invest a few weeks of research time

You want to feel comfortable understanding

Supply and demand and current market values

To effect a sale in a reasonable period of time

Pricing is ALL important

Real estate used to be a very secretive business with Realtors holding all the insider information -

Not Any More -

Today, Everything - all the information you need -

is on line -

Go back 2 years - and research all the sales in your neighborhood

Giving specific attention to properties with the same bedrooms, baths, age, condition and land as your house


It is NOT how much you NEED to sell the house for

It is NOT how much you'd LIKE to sell the house for

It is that REAL cold number

which is how much a ready, willing and able buyer is willing to spend

When you feel you have a good handle on market conditions and values -

THEN speak to your Super Agent and discuss pricing

Once you've set a REALISTIC price -

You and your Super Agent AND are ready to find a buyer

You expect - you demand -

a COMPLETE marketing plan from your Super Agent -

including a Guaranteed advertising program -

HEAR that word Guaranteed -

Every real estate office has an advertising budget -

Really, Personally

YOU DO NOT give a DAMN about THEIR advertising budget

You only care about YOU and YOUR house


In life, there many times when you should be NICE and PLAY FAIR

This is NOT - REPEAT NOT - one of those times

This is the time to fight for YOU and YOUR house

YOUR sole objective is to sell YOUR house

A fair price PLUS a FULL blast marketing plan means EVERYTHING

At YOUR Super Agent's real estate office,

advertising decisions are made every week

The office manager may LIKE to divide the advertising budget among different agents

You DON'T care

The office manager may WISH to feature different house each week

You DON'T care

To generate the maximum number of calls,

the office manager may PREFER to advertise a really beautiful house or really cheap house

You DON'T care

You are NOT being SELFISH

You are being SMART

YOU only care about YOU

YOU must study real estate advertising in your area

Newspapers, magazines, brochures, direct mail, signs, radio, TV, billboards, Open Houses

You want to ASK for it all

You want YOUR home prominently featured ALWAYS

Full page - 4-color - every week - ASK

You want to negotiate the best marketing package you can for your house

You want the advertising in WRITING as part of your listing contract

Very, very FEW sellers do this -

They are meek sellers

These sellers are CHUMPS

They just blindly hand over the keys to an agent and cross their fingers

This is NOT you

You want prospective buyers which means TRAFFIC


The MORE prospective buyers

The BETTER the chance for a sale

You want a full marketing/advertising program and you want it in WRITING

Telling agents and their managers how to do their jobs will NOT make you popular

Guess what?

This is NOT a popularity contest

YOU have the SAME objective as your agent - a SALE

Does this office WANT the listing or not?

In YOUR mind - this is YOU and your money and YOUR family and YOUR future PERIOD

YOU are the one with everything at stake

ONE of the reasons for working with a Super Agent is because a Super Agent will have clout in the office -

The Super Agent makes a lot of money for the office

Allow - INSIST - that your Super Agent use his or her clout on your behalf

Do the MATH

Calculate 5% or 6% of the sale price -

the Realtors will be making plenty of money

You are the Customer - the Realtors work for you

Demand a full marketing blast and put it in writing

If some other sellers get short changed because your house is always the one advertised and featured

NOT your concern

If you have been helped by this video, please consider making a donation to our non-profit educational work on YouTube or on our website,

Thank you and now go to Part Two

How to Sell a House, Part One

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