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Love Your Customers

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Love Your Customers

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Love your patients.

Love your clients.

Love your customers.

Love your tenants.

Love your students.

Come on, think about it

WHO is giving YOU money?

Who is giving you money to pay your bills,

Who is giving you money spoil those you love,

Who is giving you money for investment and retirement?


It isn't some random person on the street.

No one is walking up to you with a bag full of money

Where does the money come from?

It is your patients, clients, patrons, customers, tenants, students

Love these people for giving YOU -

THEIR money

or what WAS their money which is NOW YOUR money.


Tell THOSE wonderful people handing YOU their hard earned money

Tell them that you appreciate their business.

And, BELIEVE and MEAN what you say!

Then, AFTER you have delivered a quality business experience

YOU can

Ask them for more business.

Ask them for a testimonial.

Ask them for a referral.

Are you the only bakery or plumber or jeweler or dentist in town?

Probably, not.

Consumers have choices.

Let them WANT to choose you.

Identify your regulars - your customer base

Give those who regularly give to YOU something EXTRA or special for their loyalty.

All businesses are built ONE satisfied customer at a time.

Love your customers.

And succeed.

Love Your Customers

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