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How to Double Your Salary

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How to Double Your Salary

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Today, make the choice to DOUBLE your salary

First, do your research

What is the salary enjoyed by the ELITE practitioners in your field?

How much money do the TOP 10% make?

This is your benchmark.

Elite plumbers may make $200,000 a year.

Elite law partners may make $500,000 a year.

Elite teachers may make $100,000 a year.

Know the figure.

Be happy with the figure.

If you are NOT happy making what the elite of your profession are earning,

Hey, rocket science

DO something else.

Realize that unless you are a member of the lucky sperm club,

With a RICH daddy handing you a cushy job

Realize that the odds are high

That an elite salary will NOT be bestowed on you.

You will have to study, work hard,

and most than likely have to take risks and sacrifice to reach your earning potential.

Here is the GOOD news.

The odds are VERY high that

Your competition is weak.

At work, look around and be amazed.

It's OK to shake your head and laugh to yourself - in private.


Some of your peers are doing little or nothing and somehow,

at least temporarily, managing to NOT get fired.

Many of your peers are DRONES, just following orders and meeting MINIMUM expectations.

They hope to advance as those ahead of them are promoted, or retire, or die.

Industrial psychologists tell us that average workers actually only work half the time that they are at work.

The rest of the time they are gossiping, surfing the web, daydreaming, taking care of personal business, etc.

Do you see the opening?

Strange but true: You can DOUBLE the productivity of the AVERAGE worker

With NO additional hours, just work at work and accomplish twice as much as the average worker.

Follow your ACTION PRINCIPLES Take your 20 minutes of quiet time each day


Given your present employment situation, if you worked TWICE as much as your average peer, would your compensation be TWICE as much?

If you are in a union, your pay may be LOCKED into a set salary whether you work hard OR you sit on your ass all day and just go through the motions

If you work for some companies,

Your thanks for hard work might get a fake gold pin or your picture framed for a couple of weeks as

Employee of the Month

BUT NO additional money.

NOW, as an Action Principles Champion

As a Master of Success

As one of MY students

You might think, "Screw this. If I work TWICE as hard, I want twice the pay."


Get hungry. As an elite performer, this is how you should be thinking.

Maybe at Walmart or Macy's, you have to get into the management training program?

Maybe in a union, you have to become a union rep or get additional certifications?

Plod forward. YOU must know what YOU are worth. YOU must figure out who gets the BIG bucks and why?

Research. Consider options. Make your plan. Start doing.

In some fields, you may be better off starting your own business or flying solo?

Figure it out.

If you work for Joe the Plumber,

Joe might never give you the opportunity to double your pay.

If there is extra money, it goes in Joe's pocket.

At some point, you either shut-up and accept your fate or become your own boss and become, "Bill the Plumber."

Study the landscape.

Decide what you are worth.

Make your plan.

Double your pay.

Some people are earning top dollar in your field,

Everything passes from old hands to young why not you?

It's YOUR choice.

I will teach you how to succeed far beyond the average

Go to and take the 5 FREE Master Success Courses - complete the courses and say "Thank you" by ordering certificates

Everything I teach is based on the Action Principles


If you like my teaching, you need this little book

I will sign a copy to you and give you a second copy to share

$20 - how loves you baby -

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How to Double Your Salary


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