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How To Be A Business Major And Succeed

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Video Transcript

How to be a business major and succeed

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Majoring in business is the #1 college major

OK, you sit in class

Are you motivated

Or are you half-asleep

In many college business classes,

Students study


but really RANDOM topics like ...

"How to introduce Crest toothpaste in South Asia?"


"How the Swiss franc is influenced by oil prices in North Africa?"

To some IVORY TOWER professors who have never done anything themselves but teach

these MAY seem like interesting subjects for research and debate.


Today, In the real world of business,

When business students are interviewed for employment

When business students ACTUALLY start working

they AREN'T going to be asked their opinions on toothpaste and oil.

Instead, when they graduate,

MOST Employers REALLY want to know about students work ethic

Are they willing to listening and

Are they willing to do what they are told to do

Which - may be

as the new guys and gals at the company

To go for coffee,

work on boring spreadsheets

and make sure that there is enough paper in the copier.

In every office, someone has to do the grunt work and that person is either a permanent flunky or a newbie.


Too many college graduates

Too many pampered college graduates

just aren't prepared for entry-level work.

This is important to remember

The average college student takes classes and studies a TOTAL - a TOTAL of 20 hours per week


You CAN'T work a PART-TIME job and expect to succeed

The business leaders of tomorrow will work well beyond MINIMUM academic time and work requirements

The business leaders of tomorrow will be self-motivated

In college,

You will find them taking internships and networking and making industry connections

In short, when they get a job it won't be a culture SHOCK

When they have to work 40 hours to survive

And 50 hours or more to stand out

The business leaders of tomorrow will hit the corporate world running

Making themselves indispensible to their bosses and their companies.

In Reality,

the business world is as the business world has always been

ruff - ruff

"dog eat dog",

if you are ambitious,

You will quickly learn and MUST accept that

You may well face a cut throat and stressful environment

An environment where you've got to be tough to survive

and EVEN TOUGHER to prosper

Tough means

Will you suck it up,

kiss ass as necessary,

work odd hours,

and do dirty, thankless jobs?

Do you want to hear that again

NOT work 20 hours but 50+

The WINNERS will

Be realistic

They will Be tough

Be that person

Follow your Action Principles

And, someday in the not to distant future,

YOU will be the BOSS ordering that NEW business graduate to pick up YOUR dry cleaning.

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How To Be A Business Major And Succeed

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