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Forget College

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Forget college, become a millionaire

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

I am going to give you some seeds for thought

Take the money that you would earn, beg or borrow on a college education - probably $100,000 - $250,000

AND rather than spend that money on tuition -

you INVEST that money in real estate -

Consider these troubling but TRUE facts:

50% of college graduates can't find college level employment

Even those who do find work -

within a few years 50% are NOT working in their principal fields of study -

in other words they majored in psychology and now working at Macy's

This is important

The workweek for an AVERAGE college student is a total -

a TOTAL of 20 hours of classes and study -

think about it -

20 hours is a PART-TIME job

For many college students -

NOT only does college NOT prepare them for employment -

working part-time KILLS their initiative

allowing them to get lazy

CERTAINLY NOT preparing them to work the 50 hours it will take to build a successful and lucrative career

So - you get out of college - 50/50 chance there is NO job -

NOT working in your field of study

AND you have an average of $26,000 OR MORE of debt

YOU are SCREWED before you start

This really SUCKS

What if

What if

You took that $100,000 to $250,000 and instead of spending it on college -

you used that money as a down payment on SAY 6 condos

I won't go into the details on how to do that here -

Please subscribe and watch all of my real estate videos

Take out 15 or 20 year mortgages and in 15-20 years -

you will be rich -

you will probably be a millionaire -

you may be a multi-millionaire -

you will be able to live comfortably -

you may be able to retire

Remember, it is NOT college that makes you smart

all education is ultimately self-education -

if you want to learn you can learn anything -

you read - you talk to intelligent people -

AND, this is scary

Who are you sitting in that college classroom with?

1/3 or incoming college freshmen NEED remedial courses

SO, do the math -

if you are sitting in a college class which is costing you $4- $5,000

and you think that a lot of your fellow students aren't

VERY smart or motivated


Yes, you can be as SMART as you wish

Yes, you can be as RICH as you wish

OK, if you want to be a doctor or lawyer or engineer -

you have to go through the dog and pony show of college -

and fork over your money or your parents money or borrow money -

but do it right -

always networking and taking internships and working at least 50 hours a week in your field of study -

NOT 20 hours

Think - think - think

If you major in computer science or engineering, you are all set

However, if you major in dance, communications or poetry - be prepared to say "would you like fries with that?"

Look at all the recent college graduates around you -

is this where you want to be -

YES, be VERY afraid

OK, for SOME college is the right choice

BUT for others, maybe MANY others

Using that money to buy real estate

or to buy a franchise

or to start your own business

IS a smarter choice

Where will TODAY'S college graduate be in 20 years

Where COULD you be in 20 years

Think - think - think

What is the best answer for you?

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Forget College

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