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How To Become A Great Salesperson

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Video Transcript

Become a great salesperson

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Every company relies on its sales force

and salespeople are among the HIGHEST paid employees

Life is about choices

Why allow SOMEONE else to decide on YOUR salary

Become a commissioned salesperson

And YOU decide

how hard YOU want to work

and how much money YOU want to make

Whatever you love - you can sell

Cars, planes, boats, TV talent, real estate, insurance, jewelry, soccer equipment

Love it - sell it

You can be a great salesperson IF:

You sell a quality product that the market demands at a fair price -

you research your product -

you know it inside and out -

you believe in it

# You know your competition and can successfully compare your product to the competition

# You are consumer oriented. You can put yourself in the place of your customer.

You know your customers and their needs and can present your product satisfying their need

You make yourself available

You follow-up

You are ready, willing and able to solve problems as they can and will occur

# you ask your satisfied customers for testimonials

You ask your satisfied customers for referrals

You want your satisfied customers to become your ambassadors -

singing your praises

# you are HARD working -

you study the best salespeople -

You figure out what they are doing and YOU do it

you work the numbers

You know how many contacts are needed to make a sale and YOU do it

# You are TOUGH

You can accept rejection -

If every person said YES -

salespeople wouldn't be needed

So, most prospects you approach are going to say NO -

so you have to be ready to NOT take rejection personally -

Here is your mantra

Some will, some won't, so what, next

Can you be this tough?

Some will, some won't, so what, next



If you want to become a successful salesperson

You need a successful mindset

That mindset is the Action Principles

Do you have your book?

Go to -

two signed books for $20 -

one for yourself

and in the spirit of the Action Principles -

one to share

Thank you

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How To Become A Great Salesperson

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