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Five Guaranteed Ways To Make Money

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Video Transcript

Five Guaranteed Ways To Make Money

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

I am going to give you 5 GUARANTEED ways to make money -

NOT chump change

Not scrounging from week to week to make a living


REAL money

A LOT of money

All FIVE of these ways work -

If you WORK

Thousands of people have made millions of dollars with each of these FIVE ways

1 Intrapreneur

2 Entrepreneur

3 Commissioned Salesperson

4 Professional

5 Investor

Simply choose one way

and without bitching, moaning, winning and complaining -

you get started -

you plod forward

Now, let me tell you the truth

If you are a lazy slug WITHOUT a strong work ethic -

I don't care how many college degrees you have -

In today's economy if you don't have a STRONG work ethic -

you are screwed

You are screwed and WILL FAIL at whatever you try

You know Maybe a few people can HIDE away on a public payroll

BUT in the PRIVATE sector NO OWNER is going to hand his money over to a lazy SLUG

So, if you intend on becoming successful - RICH

hard work CAN NEVER be an issue

Hard Work MUST be a given

You WILL work hard

If you are a senior martial artists

or any tough, thoughtful spiritual person of action

YOU can

YOU will Succeed

Listen to me

I am your teacher

Do what I tell you to do


An intrapreneur is someone working for someone else -

you have a boss

You work for a company

Your POWER is that you work for that company with an entrepreneurial attitude

Watch my Wal-Mart Millionaire series -

Here is the summary

get the job -

figure out the managers and the opportunities

Yes, get a job sweeping floors and end up a store manager

Start frying potatoes and end up owning the McDonalds franchise

Always thinking - planning - learning more about the company

Making yourself an INDISPENSIBLE employee

Lots of people are Wal-Mart store managers and make $200,000 a year

Lots of people own McDonalds franchises and make a million dollar

Why not you?


As an entrepreneur, you own your own business

There are 5,000 different kinds of small businesses and people have become successful at all of them

What do you love doing

What do you love doing so much that you can ENJOY working 50+ hours a week

Do you love cooking - open a restaurant

Do you love jewelry - open a jewelry store

Do you love martial arts - open a dojo

5,000 businesses

Here is how ALL businesses work

Follow these rules

YOU do NOT need an MBA

1 Offer a quality product or service that the market demands

2 Appreciate your customer - say thank you and ask for more business

3 Copy success - find the leaders in your industry and do what they are doing

IF you just follow these three SIMPLE rules

YOU will be WILDLY successful

Why not you?

Way # 3 - Be a Commissioned Salesperson

Sell something and earn a commission

Mansions, shopping centers, hotels, advertising, insurance, boats, cars, planes, soccer teams, Hollywood talent, art, rare coins -

again, what do you love -

If you love it, you can sell it.

If you love it, you can sell it and make huge commissions -

Forget someone ELSE deciding on your salary

As a commissioned salesperson

YOU can decide now much money YOU want to make

Every company depends on its salespeople and Salespeople are almost always the HIGHEST paid employees in the company

Salespeople are the SPECIAL FORCES of any company

Do you have the BALLS to ask for the business

Do you have the toughness to NOT take rejection personally

Are you capable of working independently

Then, you will make a SUPER salesperson and can make a SUPER income

Why not you?

Way #4 - Professional

Yes, lawyer, physician, dentist, engineer, architect, writer

Some lawyers make $50,000 and some lawyers make $500,000

You know what to do

YOU Research

Find the ELITE of your profession - the top 10% of earners

Find someone who is already doing what you want to do

Already making the kind of money that you want to make

Study this person

If you can, make this person your mentor - do that

Make a name for yourself

Promote yourself

Join associations, network and never stop

Why not you?

Way #5 - Be an Investor

Research - study - become an expert

Read 40 books on a subject and you will be a world authority on that subject

become an expert on real estate or stocks or stamps or coins or boats or planes or art or classic cars or antiques

There are Lots and lots of things that people want to own and collect

You become the expert on ONE of these things

You are THE expert - you KNOW value

You make lots of offers

You buy low and sell high

Watch my Millionaire Real Estate series -

I teach about investing in real estate but many of the principles -

the Action Principles can be applied to all types of investing

Why not you?

Choose one of these 5 ways and NOT only can you make money

YOU can get RICH

It is in your mind

It is Ambition

It is a STRONG work ethic

If you like these videos - get your Action Principles book - 2 copies for $20 - come on - do that!

Read your Action Principle everyday and forge a winner's mindset

What others have done

as a hard worker, you can do

Why not you?

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Five Guaranteed Ways To Make Money

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