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How To Get Promoted

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How to get promoted

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

You are a person of action

You are ambitious

You are ready, willing and able to do more

to have more

You are an Action Principles Champion

Do you have your Action Principles book

Join me in this teaching

Go to

You aren't some grey little person hiding in the corner

You seek the challenges of advancement

Think about taking these steps to your next promotion

1. Identify the opportunity.

You can't hope to get a promotion where none exists.

Are there regular promotional opportunities?

Or, do you have to wait around for someone retire or die?

Make sure that the potential opportunity fits your career timeframe.

If no one has been promoted in the last FIVE years,

That tells you something

2. Make sure you are in contention.

If there are ten new managers named every month that's great

but, not so great,

if there are hundreds of qualified applicants for each promotion.

What will distinguish you from the crowd?

3. Be realistic.

Who are the people with the power

who will decide on the promotion?

Will it be a board of numbers crunchers

or an "old boy college fraternity"

or are you the lucky one

with the manager making the decision being YOUR close friend or mentor?

Will bosses take the easy route and simply choose the person with the most seniority?

Take a close look at the process and assess if you have a reasonable chance for selection?

Understand the fairness or unfairness of the selection process.

Will the selection be entirely MERIT based

or might - JUST MIGHT - your competitor be

an unstated quota

or a cute secretary

or the boss's nephew?

4. Commit to whatever it takes

Are you willing to campaign for the promotion?

Are you willing to do what it takes to get noticed?

Be sure that decision makers know your ambitions.

That you REALLY want the promotion

You are ambitious

This is a GOOD thing

To move up to the next level,

are you willing to relocate

or change departments

or EVEN change companies?

5. Be indespensible.

Make the boss look good.

Yes, that's right,

Are you willing to KISS ass

Are you hard worker ready to

Volunteer to do TOUGH jobs and work odd hours.

Make creative problem solving suggestions.

You are an Action Principles(R) Champion.

You aren't going to be satisfied with the status quo.

If you want it,

if you're qualified,

if it's a fair competition,

then commit to do what it takes to succeed.

Or you might decide to stack the odds for career success


in your favor by

Starting your own business

Becoming a commissioned salesperson

Or becoming a professional investor.

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How To Get Promoted


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