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Barber Shop Success

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Barber Shop Success

Hi, I'm Martial Artist Bill FitzPatrick

For many men, enough with the $60 "uni-sex styling salons."

Just give me a DAMN haircut.

Barbers shops with $15 haircuts are coming back.

We have a new barber shop in MY town. It is empty.

It is completely empty.

There are NO customers.

Day after day, I see the sole barber sitting alone re-reading the newspaper.

Is this new barber any good?

Does he have a great personality?

Does he act like he wants my friendship and my business?

I have no idea. No one has any idea. He has NO customers.

What should this barber do? GET CUSTOMERS

Start cutting hair.

Offering samples. If he must, give FREE HAIRCUTS!

For a month, give FREE HAIRCUTS to all boy scouts. Give FREE HAIRCUTS to the players on the championship football team.

One day a month, give FREE HAIRCUTS to all seniors.

Offer a FREE birthday HAIRCUT.

By appointment, any boy gets his first HAIRCUT FREE.

Don't just sit there on your FAT ass.

NEVER whine that you can't afford to give FREE HAIRCUTS.

Do something.

You can NOT afford to do nothing

NO customers = NO business

Think. Think. Think. Try. Thing again. Keep trying.

This is WORK. This is WORK That WILL WORK.

Get heads in the door and onto your barber chair.

Stay busy.

Show YOUR expertise.

What is the slowest time of the week?

Put coupons in the paper for 50% discounts during this time.

Get noticed. Go to a local nursing home and offer haircuts and get some positive community press.


Live and work the Action Principles(R).

Something very good will happen = SUCCESS!

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Barber Shop Success

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