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Are Business Degrees Worthless?

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Are business degrees worthless?

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

You get a FIRST job anywhere and you are the NEWBIE.

You do the grunt work.

Without complaint, you do the grunt work.

Remember Lloyd on Entourage.

Lloyd's character had a master's degree in business from Stanford and yet he worked for years as a "coolie" for Ari who headed the largest talent agency in Hollywood.

Think of the Hollywood agency system.

Most everyone starts in the mail room AND VERY SLOWLY moves up the ladder to manager and agent.

Who is willing to do this?

SOMEONE who wants to become a Hollywood agent Someone who is willing to work hard Someone willing to prove that they really want it

You want to be a Hollywood agent - PROVE IT Successful small business owner - prove it Real estate millionaire - prove it

You have an advanced degree from a prestigious university, well isn't that SPECIAL, now mop the floor.

I'm sure that while earning an MBA from Stanford, you discussed extremely complex economic theories.

You debated at length the theories of Adam Smith versus John Maynard Keynes versus Irving Fisher.

You know a lot about a lot of stuff that you are UNLIKELY to apply to your entry job.

It is much more likely you'll hear, "Hey you, get my dry cleaning and tell them light starch. Got that - light starch!"

Accept that in most jobs, even professional jobs, there is a right of passage.

To succeed, you must know, accept and live with a STRONG work ethic.

To succeed, you must know, accept and live by the fact that the OVRWHELMING major of what you learned in your business school classes will have LIMITED applicability to the REAL world and the REAL job that you will be asked to do as a newbie.

How do you succeed? You do what the boss teaches you to do.

You shut up. You work hard. You network.

You figure out your next career move.

When you decide on a career in business, as a student, do not get blindsided by the glamour of corner offices.

Take internships. Work part-time. Volunteer. Wise up to reality.

BE HAPPY to be in the windowless basement office with a CHANCE

AN OPPORTUNITY to prove yourself.

BE HAPPY for the opportunity to carry the suitcases and go for the coffee.

Persist and your day will come.

I will teach you how to succeed far beyond the average

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Everything I teach is based on the Action Principles.


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Are Business Degrees Worthless?

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