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Million Dollar Career Tip #1

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Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick and this is Million Dollar Career Tip #1

Imagine a life of purpose, passion, prosperity and peace

Imagine of life of appreciation and respect -

a wonderful family and lots of friends

Imagine a life where you have enough money to pay your bills, spoil those you love

Imagine creating a dynasty of family wealth which allows you to take a comfortable EARLY retirement

This can be YOUR life

I will be YOUR teacher

You will be MY student

As my student, you will be come an Action Principles Champion, a tough, thoughtful, spiritual person of action

Ready to work hard and to be of service to others.

Yes, this will be a GOOD life

Yes, this can be YOUR life

There is a frightening reality about to hit most average people

The days of the easy - carefree - entitled life are OVER

The entitled life had a good 50 year run

The day of the entitled life -

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The days of the GOVERNMENT taking care of you are OVER

The days of some COMPNY taking care of you are OVER

Increasingly PARENTS will be struggling to help themselves

and - sadly - their pampered little offspring will be left to wander aimlessly on their own

TODAY, there is a new reality

you MUST cover your own ass

You MUST be ready, willing and able to secure your own future

READ the news

Governments around the world are going bust

They can't help you.

In the name of solvency,

Companies will no longer have to play the affirmative action game

Today companies will ONLY hire people they REALLY, REALLY need

And then they will discard them

Companies will no longer have to put up with the entitled and the lazy

In the name of solvency and prosperity,

companies will hire and fire at will

AVERAGE workers will find themselves bouncing like beach balls from job to job to job - never gaining traction.

For average workers, their careers will be a treadmill of

We need you

We don't need you

We need you

We don't need you

This is REALLY going to SUCK for many average workers

As my student, you need NOT fear

You will take personal CONTROL of your own career destiny

You will think of yourself as a resourceful INDIVIDUAL - managing your own career

Are you willing to live the examined life of an Action Principles Champion?

Researching - planning and THEN working hard to put your plan into action

Starting right now - with this first tip

Make a pledge to yourself

Pledge to accept career self-reliance

Pledge to work hard -

You will do much more but just being self-reliant and hard working

Puts you way in front of AVERAGE people your age

AVERAGE young people are SCREWED

Even if they graduated from college

with majors in romance poetry, sports management, business communications, psychology

Most are mired in debt and screwed

Even if you were sold a bill of goods in college

Be pissed off but learn a lesson

Starting right now,

Fight for your life - your career

I will help you develop a fighter's, a warrior's, an Action Principles Champion mindset

You WILL be tough

You WILL win

I am a martial arts master,

I push my students hard because they want to be the best

Do you want the best possible life for yourself and your family?

Then welcome on this wonderful journey we are about to take together.

Million Dollar Career Tip #1

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