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Forget Plan B

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Video Transcript

Forget Plan B

Hi. I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Forget Plan B

You're a doctor, lawyer, accountant

That's Plan B

You're a teacher or work at Macy's

That's Plan B

You work in the family deli or dry cleaner

That's Plan B

Forget Plan B

The only purpose for Plan B is to raise the investment capital for Plan A

Plan A is

Buy six properties and love your tenants.

Plan A is

Buy six properties

Pay off the mortgages

Probably 20 years

And you will be a millionaire

Probably a multi-millionaire

That's Plan A

If you have Plan A

Which is going to make you a millionaire -

a multi-millionaire in 20 years

Why do you give a shit about Plan B -


making money to fund Plan A

Watch this video over and over again

Brainwash yourself

Live Plan A

Forget Plan B

Get your Action Principles® book and take the five free courses on

And, don't be a cheap little wuss

Don't pretend you don't know what to do

Give back - donate - order course certificates - distribute Action Principles Book

Hardcore - go to

Forget Plan B

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