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We Have Guns

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Video Transcript

We Have Guns

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

We Have Guns

In Godfather II, young Don Corleone is having dinner with his young partners in crime, Clemenza and Tessio

Clemenza is worried that the young Don is pushing too hard and that there will be violent retaliation against them from other gangsters

To which young Don Corleone says with a shrug, "They have guns. We have guns"

In other words, We HAVE what they HAVE

They can shoot us with THEIR guns.

BUT, not if we shoot them first with OUR guns.

What's to worry about?

They have guns

We have guns

Do you want to succeed? No bullshit

Do you want to succeed? Forget the excuses

You want to become rich and retire in 20 years

We have our Plan A

Buy Six properties and love your tenants

Work 50 hours - 40 hours to pay your bills and 10 hours for investment

Any idiot can buy ONE property

OK, you can buy 6

You don't need a Harvard degree or an MBA or a rich daddy

You NEED to work hard for 50 hours a week

Having Plan A is your gun

Working hard is your gun

You are black or brown or yellow or white or tall or short - you are male - female - you have kids - you walk with a limp - you want to high school or to college

Fuck all of that

None of that matters

You have your guns

Your Plan A and your hard work

Each of the five FREE Master Success Courses on are your guns

Each of the Action Principles are your guns

Use Your guns

Blast away

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We Have Guns

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