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The Pharmacist

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The Pharmacist

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

The other day I was at CVS picking up a prescription.

Ahead of me was an old lady getting her pills - the clerk asked the old lady if she would like to speak to the pharmacist

In a loud voice, the old lady said,

"Yes, I'd better I had bad diarrhea last night"

The young pharmacist came over and the old lady said

"I took the red pill and the yellow pill and I had loose stools and couldn't get to sleep."

The pharmacist asked, What do you mean yellow pills and red pills?

You know the pills you gave me

Trying another tack, the young pharmacists asked

Did you eat anything else last night?

The old lady said, Well, of course I did, I finished the burrito I brought home last week from the Senior Center - there was some green on it but I cut that off.

Here is why I am telling you this story

This young pharmacist, in his early 20s - has another 40 years of listening to people with the shits whine and complain

This will be his working life - day after day after week after month after year after decade -

AND, he is the LUCKY young professional

He actually HAS a job

A REALLY good paying job

Pharmacists at CVS can make $125,000 -

BUT, alert and aware let us stop and think

We are not talking about some poor young SOB - who graduates with a degree in Public Relations or Communications -

A graduate with NO job -

A graduate who is probably 6 FIGURES in debt

NO, this young pharmacist has a high paying career

BUT, for a long - long - long time to come he still has to smile as he listens to old ladies talking about shitting the bed

Even a great job like being a pharmacist is STILL a Plan B job

NOW, stop and think some more

Aren't we lucky?

Aren't we lucky that we have Plan A

Buy six properties and love your tenants

Create a family dynasty of wealth that can last forever

Do you know what happens in most jobs after 15- 20 years

Even really really good jobs like being a pharmacists

You burn out

So, in 20 years do want to be the BURNED OUT pharmacist who starts sneaking a few mind munbing pills home at night because day after day of listening to customers with loose stools is driving you over the edge


If you followed Plan A

Do you want to be the pharmacist who is 20 years has the option

The option

The power

The control

The choice

to hang up his lab coat and never have to walk into a CVS again -

Then, what the hell will he do?

Well, he is rich and retired?

golf every day

Paint, save the whales, run for office, play with his kids

Or, do whatever he wants to do because

He choose Plan A

He completed Plan A

Whatever your job

Ambition - move up the ladder

50 hours of hard work a week

40 hours to pay your bills

10 hours for Plan A

In 20 years is your day going to be

Listening to another old lady talk about shitting the bed


Playing a round at Pebble Beach

It has ALWAYS been your choice

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The Pharmacist

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