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Screw Mickey Mantle

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Video Transcript

Screw Mickey Mantle

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

In the movie, The Bronx Tale,

A little boy is telling the crime boss

about his hero

Mickey Mantle

The crime boss scoffs

"If your father were out of work, would Mickey Mantle pay your rent

Screw, Mickey Mantle"

You get the point

When the shit hits the fan, who can you rely on

Certainly NOT Mickey Mantle

Think about this

It's important

Who can you rely on?

Many say that Jack Welch who ran General Electric was the greatest business manager of the 20th Century

Here was Jack's philosophy for business success

10 - 70 - 20

10% of workers are practically useless and you should fire them

Always be firing the bottom 10%

70% of workers are average -

remember average - average workers work only half the time they are at work

Don't worry about average workers - you can put an ad in the paper and replace them anytime

Then, you have the top 20% - the elite

These are your hard workers Your DEDICATED workers

And they CAN'T be easily replaced

So, give them ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they want

Fire the bottom 10%

Don't take any crap from the middle 70%

Save all your praise and raises for the top 20%

AND, you will have a VERY successful business

Who can you rely on?

Screw Mickey Mantle.

Rely on your own work ethic

Rely on your Action Principles



If you won't do that, I don't know why you'd bother watching these videos.

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Screw Mickey Mantle

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