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Latin Sucks

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Video Transcript

Latin Sucks

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Latin Sucks

Until I FLUNKED out,

I went to a Catholic high school.

The reason I flunked out was Latin.

I didn't do my Latin homework because I hated Latin.

I thought Latin was useless and stupid.

My teachers told me that Latin was important to train your brain.

I thought this was bullshit.

And, do you know who was right?

I was.

I am closer in age to 70 than 60 and I've never used Latin.

For that matter, I've never used much Calculus or Poetry

When I was a kid, I thought that a lot of what they wanted me to learn was bullshit

And, it was bullshit.

Why did I succeed?

Because I had a work ethic.

I baby sat and mowed lawns and delivered newspapers

I wore a funny paper hat and scooped ice cream.

In college, I worked full time at Sears

Why did I succeed?

Because I had a work ethic.

Because I was ambitious.

I didn't know it them but I was following and living by the Action Principles

Have a plan

Work the plan hard

Make mistakes

Learn from those mistakes

Plod forward

Plan A

Buy six properties

Pay off the mortgages

Love your tenants

Don't believe everything you hear

Think for yourself

And screw Latin

Latin sucks

Here's what you need

$20 bucks

Don't wuss out - get your signed copy

The Action Principles will show you the way to success.

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Latin Sucks

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