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No Excuses

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Guess what?

Being a whiny little bitch is going to get you NOWHERE

In a one of many qualification tests for Special Forces

Candidates were woken up at 3AM to hike 20 miles with 40 pound packs

It was cold

It was raining

At the end of the 20 miles the candidates saw a camp with trucks - Engines running

they smelled delicious hot soup cooking

They smiled

Then Just before arriving outside the campsite, the sergeant told the candidates to turn around and walk back to their base

One candidate grumbled loudly to the sergeant -

You've got to be kidding this is Bull Shit

To which the sergeant replied

What part of SPECIAL don't you understand?

I asked a friend of mine in Special Forces about this story and he said

"Oh yah. No excuses in SF. You complain. You are OUT."

Special Forces are the elite.

When you make a decision to follow Plan A, you are choosing to put yourself among the elite.

Rich and retired in 20 year or less.

Yes, you are among the elite.

So, no Bull Shit. No excuses.

Do what you have to do

Work 50 hours

40 hours to pay your bills 10 hours to fund Plan A

Buy 6 properties Pay off the mortgages Love your tenants.

Plan A

Complete the free 15 lessons of the Master Real Estate Course

Do what you need to do

No excuses.

No excuses. Ever.

And, no excuses - give back

Buy and distribute Action Principles books

Order a certificate

Make a donation

Don't wuss out

No excuses.

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No Excuses

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