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2-1 Using Observation
2-2 Quiet Time
2-3 Your Network
2-4 Your Own Business
2-5 Options In Franchising
2-6 On A Shoestring
2-7 Your Business Format
2-8 Commissioned Sales
2-9 Building On Initiative
2-10 Financing Your Venture


In Master Small Business I, we are introduced to Kevin Romano. Kevin is an Action Principles® Champion. Within two years, Kevin was able to use his warrior skills to raise his position from a department store clerk to a successful restaurant entrepreneur.

Along the path, he met the usual cynics who were ever ready to tell him what he couldn't do. With persistence and determination and confidence, Kevin proved through his example and results that his detractors were wrong.

Kevin saw what successful restaurant owners were doing and he decided that he could do the same. As Kevin did his research, he met a succession of mentors, men who would become part of his Mastermind Alliance. Kevin assembled a team of experienced advisors who provided the knowledge and contacts and the network to make his dreams a reality. If he stays focused, Kevin is on the straight road to a fantastic financial future.

In Master Small Business II, you will meet Ana and Josh, two young entrepreneurs. You will see how both succeeded far beyond the average.


Ana comes from an underprivileged background. Ana proves that gender, ethnicity and humble beginnings are not insurmountable roadblocks to a person who possesses a warrior spirit. She can find a way. She may have problems but she is focused on solutions. Ana pays for college by joining the National Guard. She is deployed overseas for a year. She has seen more then her fair share of the world's problems. Ana is a survivor who is not about to waste her life on wishful thinking. She is action oriented.

Ana like Kevin sees that she can do more with her life than the work that she is presently doing. For a warrior seeking challenge, the status quo is more constraining than comforting. Ana opens her mind to possibilities. She is willing to change even though that change may involve risk and probably will require additional hard work.

With her mind open, new opportunities start to gravitate toward her. A small idea of selling one print turns into the career path of becoming an art dealer. Researching art dealership leads to an important partnership. Listening and learning from her network of mentors and colleagues and staff leads to a profitable niche. Step by step, we see Ana progress from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We see her go from making a living to creating an exciting financial future.

Ana and Kevin have started small business that could quickly explode into significant businesses. No weekly salary from an employer could ever come close to matching the income potential and the asset value generated from owning their own businesses.

Josh was a young guy with a single desire to sell Cadillacs. In his area, there was only one Cadillac dealership, Baker Cadillac. So, that made it easy, Josh had to get a job at Baker Cadillac.

We follow Josh as he starts by picking up trash, moves to car detailer and then to sales generator. At that point, Josh is stopped in his tracks. He has made enemies galore. How does Josh get his career back on track and headed toward his goals? How does he learn the true keys to success?

Being a warrior, you can do everything that George and Dora and Kevin and Ana and Josh are doing. You can set a goal and you can start researching. You can read and listen and get the answers you need to formulate new questions. While others march in place, you can progress.

All businesses and properties pass from old hands to young. There will be new art dealers who make a ton of money. One of them will probably be Ana. There will always be new super salesman and new dealership owners who make annual income well into the six figures. Josh will be included.

What are Ana and Josh doing that you can do in your own business? No one is likely to walk up to you in the street and hand you bags full of money. Ana and Josh aren't average. Average people are waiting for someone else to do for them. You are a warrior. You are self-reliant. You are ready, willing and able to take personal control of your own financial future. Without waiting for others' approval, now you must do all that you can do.


When the student is ready, the teacher arrives. You aren't some naïve directionless eighteen year old sitting half asleep stumbling from one boring class to another. You are a warrior. You are alert and aware and focused.

All education is self-education. No one can force you to learn. You have to decide what you want to do. There are 5,000 different businesses. Pick one. Your style and your attitude are much more important than the type of business you choose. Get started. Start researching. Find the people who are already successfully doing what you want to do. Befriend them. Copy them.

Love your customers or clients or patients or tenants. These are the people you need to stay loyal to your product or service. These are the people you need to become your ambassadors, singing your praises to others. These are the people you need to give you their money to make you rich.

As an Action Principles® Champion, you are a tough, thoughtful, spiritual person of action. Start doing. Make mistakes. Learn. Try again. This is the path. There is no other honorable way. You will become successful. Ultimately, you will become a master of your chosen craft.

Bill FitzPatrick
   Bill FitzPatrick
   Shaolin Kempo Martial Arts Master

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