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Copy Success - Action Principle #50

Video Transcript

Action Principle® #50 Copy Success

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

This is Action Principle® #50 Copy Success

Find the people who have done or are doing what you want to do and do what they are doing

There are 5,000 different small businesses

and people have become successful at ALL of them

What do you love doing?

Find these people, study them and copy success

Are they hard working? Yes

Are they interested in quality? Yes

Do they love their customers? Yes

This isn't rocket science

Copy them

Alert and aware, at work, at church at the ball field or at the supermarket - observe.

What are the rich, smart, happy and healthy people doing?

Copy them.

Healthy people eat smart and exercise

Copy them

Smart people read, take courses and ask questions

Copy them

In happy families, the dad loves the mom and the mom loves the dad

When parents love each other, families stay together - kids prosper

Start there - copy them

In life, you will see that toughness, kindness, humility, SELFLESSNESS, and a sense of humor will light YOUR path leading to the best YOU.

If you'd like to study all 100 Action Principles, they are available as an eBook on Amazon or you can order an actual SIGNED book on

Thank you.

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Copy Success - Action Principle #50

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