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10. Educate Yourself

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Be forever curious. Never stop learning. Knowledge is portable. Knowledge is powerful if you put your learning into action. Read 40 books and become an expert on any subject.

For some professions, you are required to spend years and lots of money on formal recognition. Accept that. Study hard and rise to the top. Have specific reasons for taking any course. Research and find dedicated, motivated teachers.

Then, you can customize your own informal curriculum. You do not have to be confined to a classroom to learn. Go online. Read biographies for inspiration and instruction. Realize that books and courses are fine, but they are not a substitute for getting up, going out and meeting and greeting the people who are actually working day to day in your field. Take internships, work part-time, and join associations. What do you want to know? Everything. When will you stop learning? You won't.

Don't be afraid to associate with people who are smarter, harder working or more ambitious than you are. You are constantly on the lookout for outstanding performers as teachers. But, teachers can only inspire. Ultimately, all education is self-education.

From the Master Real Estate Course, you will learn how you can quickly become an expert, perhaps the expert, on values in your small, specific investment area. Knowledge is power.

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