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15. Find a Job

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As an Action Principles® Champion, there is no concept of unemployment. You have a clear career path, a solid work ethic and a pleasant personality. You are someone who appreciates the opportunity to work and who shows that appreciation to his employer by being productive. Successful corporations are successful because of the elite few, like you.

You are not one of the many simply settling for any job available. You are not allowing one third of your life to be subject to some random online job posting. You take control. Without excuses, you are ready to move up or out. There are good jobs in sports and broadcasting and computers and fashion and gardening and cooking and everything. You take direct action based upon your informed research.

You start where you must start and do what you must do. If you want to sell cars and, initially, the manager asks you to help prep cars for delivery, you prep cars. You get the job and figure out step by step how to own the dealership. You start sweeping hair for a successful hairstylist or cutting vegetables for a successful chef or policing construction sites for a successful builder. You don't complain. You learn. You do. It doesn't matter where you start. You have a winner's attitude. You research and you act. You stumble. You regain your balance and keep moving forward.

There are lots of ways to make a solid income doing jobs that other people avoid. Keep your eye on the goal; six properties. If it's a blue collar or dirty job or the hours are weird or you have to travel, the masterly response is "So what." Actually, the masterly response is to smile, do it and don't even try to explain to skeptics. In 20 years or less, you can put down the shovel.

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