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36. Trust Your Instincts

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"I don't feel comfortable here. I don't like the sound of this. This doesn't look right to me."

With regard to your body or surroundings, your instincts are your best early warning system. Listen to your whispering inner voice. Listen to that gut feeling. You have a lifetime of experience guiding you. Go to the doctor. Leave the party. Get away from these people. Quit that job. Don't accept this person as a tenant. Duck into that store. The world is an imperfect place. There are dangerous places and people. Sometimes what is right will not work right now.

If a neighborhood or a building or a seller or contractor doesn't seem quite right, step back, reconsider and, maybe walk away. Wait for the next deal.

Every once in a while, your instincts may be off and you may feel foolish. You may want to kick yourself for passing on an opportunity. Err on the side of safety and, in the long term, your instincts may save you from physical and financial danger. Give yourself time or space to consider your options. It is foolhardy to do otherwise.

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