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6. Divide and Conquer

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A common denominator among the successful is that they are focused on the immediate accomplishment of specific objectives. Separate the important from the urgent and allow time for both.

In the beginning, don't be overwhelmed by the mechanics of how you will achieve all of your goals. With commitment, research, patience and the help of your mentors, the means will come. Answers will materialize as the facts are collected.

How do you buy your first property? You work hard and save. You become an expert on values in a small specific investment area. You get pre-qualified for a mortgage. You make offers. Then, you focus on buying your second property. Repeat.

How do you succeed in business? You become an indispensible employee and receive commensurate compensation. Or, you work for a company where you are appreciated. Or, you become a commissioned salesperson. Or, you start your own business.

You can do what others have done and are doing. Visualize your goal. Break it down. Divide and conquer.

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