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8. Understand This

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You are different. You are an outsider. You are a contrarian. The average majority around you are not your role models. As many of them shuffle around in circles, you'll be running straight toward completion of your Action Principles® Plan.

Mom's accolades and degrees from elite universities will mean nothing if you are lazy or obnoxious. With your goals and objectives in front of you, figure out what you have to do and get on with it.

Whom do you need to implement your Action Principles® Plan?

If you're going to work 50-60 hours a week, that's on you.

If you're prepared to deal with sarcasm and envy from others, that's on you.

If you're prepared to plow through the second-guessing, fear and uncertainty to that place where you can realize your true potential, that's on you.

If your typical friend's idea of good living is to work just hard enough to not get fired and then quickly get home, open a six pack, and watch four hours of television, they definitely will not relate to your goal of becoming financially independent.

At times, it may be tough. There will be sacrifices to be made. But, when you look back, it will all be worth it. Go forth. It's on you.

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