The Action Principles® Plan is not for everyone. In fact, it is intended for very few. It is intended for Action Principle® Champions defined as tough, thoughtful, spiritual men and women of action.

Whiners, takers, cynics, the lazy, the dependent need not continue further because there is very little in the Action Principles® Plan of interest or applicable to them.

This plan is written for the self-reliant, the risk takers, the open minded who want it all and are willing to put in the study time and the hard work to have it all.

This plan is so powerful because it is so straightforward.

Essentially, the entire plan is buy six income properties.

Within twenty years, you will own six properties, free and clear of debt. You will have created a family dynasty of wealth that can last forever. You will be among the richest one percent of people on the planet and can live accordingly.

That is the plan. Do you need another?

The following one hundred Action Principles® are guideposts along your path.

You buy one property. You buy another. You own six.

You work to pay your bills. You work extra hours to support your investment plan.

You are an exceptional worker and duly compensated or you work for yourself.

You love your tenants.

Successful completion of the Action Principles® Plan rests with those few capable of summoning their greatest asset, their minds, to believe, to commit, and to keep learning. It is for those few who can stay the course while ignoring the ignorance shouted at them from the sidelines. Those committed few willing to climb over the first hills will be rewarded to find that the remainder of the course slopes downward.

This is a self-selection. Are you in?

No? Good-bye and good luck.

Yes, roll up your sleeves!

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