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Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick


Satori is enlightenment

One moment everything is a jumbled mess

The next moment

everything become clear

You are enlightened

You get IT

Now, satori can be studied on a very deep Zen level

Where one hopes to find satori after many years of mediation

My suggestion is a simple approach

It is our Action Principles

Take 20 minutes of quiet time each day

Where have I been

Where am I now

Where am I going

What am I learning

What makes sense to me

Alert and aware

When I see rich, happy, friendly, smart, tough, kind people

What are they doing

What can I copy

What can I learn from conversations with smart, tough, happy people

What can I learn From taking courses

What can I learn From reading books

Does everything have to be jumbled and messy and complicated

Or, if I stop and think


Enlightenment -

all of a sudden -

I get it

I understand

In this series,

We will take the idea of satori -

Of enlightenment

of simplicity

and apply it to many aspects of our lives

Satori is the straight line to a FULL life

of purpose, of passion, of prosperity and peace.

Enjoy the series


And hopefully, enlightenment


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