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Satori Success

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Video Transcript

Satori Success

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

What do you want?

Get into Harvard

Lose 50 pounds

Make a million dollars

Whatever you want -

people have already done

what you want to do

People have already achieved the success you want

Find them

Figure out what they have done or are doing and copy them

Study and practice

Find mentors

Read books - 40 books makes you a world authority on a topic

Ask questions and more questions

Look to your Action Principles

Take your 20 minutes of quiet time each day

What do you think will work for you

Think - then turn your thoughts into a plan

Then take decisive action to implement your plan

Every successful person makes mistakes

Make your mistakes

Embrace your mistakes

Learn from them

Go back to your mentors for advice

Plod forward



PLOD forward

One step and then another step

Thinking, risking, adjusting

Plodding forward

Persistence, determination and hard work are

your POWERFUL weapons

The result is SUCCESS

If you want Success

Do you have your Action Principles® book - go to


Ah, Satori

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Satori Success

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