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Satori High School

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Video Transcript

Satori High School

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

OK, you've got the nerds -

Stop and think

Laugh at them NOW

and in ten years

Could they be laughing at YOU

The jocks

Lots of blockheads but a few exceptional multi-taskers

Good athletes AND good students

Yes, and then the glassy eyes STONERS -

Are they going nowhere FAST

or are they going NOWHERE really, really SLOWLY

Then there is the "THINKS THEY'RE TOUGH" crowd with their tattoos and swagger

Hi, Yo, you lookin' at - you want a piece of me!

Guess what these TOUGHIES will learn

Probably very soon

WHEN you challenge enough people,

Some will fight back

I knew this little guy who was getting pushed around

He got really scared

He got so scared that one day,

He brought a knife to school and stabbed two of the Toughies - killing one

Of course, this was a terrible crime

for which he had to serve ENTIRE 18 month JUVENILE sentence

Well, back to high school

Then there is the usual assortment of anti-social outcasts

The kids with purple hair

Kids with nose rings normally found on cows

Kids with snot on their faces

and kids with

"you really DON'T want to know" stains on their clothes

Take a look around -


Now, we who are


Your gang

Your click

Your buddies

PLEASE choose your friends CAREFULLY


because you will be just like them

The rest of your life starts right HERE in high school

Is EVERY high school kid a loser?

Of course, not

There are LOTS of "GOOD" kids

Don't lie to yourself

You know what makes a GOOD kid

GOOD kids have strong study habits

They read and actually LIKE school

These are the

Kids who can DO what needs to be done

without a lot of bitching, moaning, whining and complaining

In high school,

YOU ALREADY old enough to KNOW what to do



Study, work, church, scouting, sports - YES

Can you go to school, pay attention and study - yes

Can you work a part-time job and earn your own money - yes

Can you volunteer once in a while and EVERY day be nice to those less fortunate - yes

Can you exercise and eat right - Sure, who's stopping you

Can you do ALL of this

and STILL have plenty of time for a FULL social life - YES

Again look around and think for yourself

The average American teen spends 7 hours a day -

EVERY day -

in a HYPNOTIC trance plugged into some type of electronic device -

cell phone, ipad, ipod, computer, TV

Gee if you only were mesmerized and enslaved by screens for 5 hours a day


you'd have 14 hours - to do something productive

Like working a part-time job

OR learning a new skill

Who are you?

Who do you want to be?

YOU make the choice for YOU

A great life or a SUCK existence

It ALL starts in high school

Life is about choices

What are YOUR choices

Are your strong and tough enough to do

what you know you should be doing

This is THE question

AND the answer will determine the course

of the rest of YOUR life

High School

Ah, satori

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Satori High School

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