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Satori Work Ethic

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Video Transcript

Satori Work Ethic

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Forget about college

being your GUARANTEED ticket to success

Today and in the decades to come

If you go to college

With a LAZY attitude

You can believe this

Your ass is toast

Your entire working life will be a struggle


Because the days of a company PAYING

Or should we say CARRYING

a slacker with NO work ethic

are OVER

Those days are OVER and they aren't coming back

Sorry, but the days of being AVERAGE and

Living a SOFT and COMFORTABLE life

Even just getting ahead

Even just GETTING BY

are OVER

AVERAGE American workers only work half the time that they are at work -

the rest of the time they are daydreaming, surfing the net, gossiping

This large MAJORITY of average workers will be overrun

They will be SQUASHED

by the small MINORITY of their colleagues who are HARD workers

VERY simply

The future belongs to HARD WORKERS

YES, believe this

Macy's would rather hire an immigrant woman from Russia who will appreciate the opportunity to do what she is told and work hard

RATHER than ENDURE the entitled brat from Duke who thinks the company owes her a cushy job

SO what if American kids refuse to work hard?

No problem for today's companies in a global economy

Again, believe this

Lots of immigrants from around the world would love to come to AMERICA and work hard for McDonalds or Sears or General Motors

AND it is the hard workers -

NOT the pampered elites

Who will prevail

IT IS They -

the HARD workers

will have the money to buy the real estate

And those who own the real estate will be the RICH people

So, if you're idea of work is to sit on your FAT ass and grumble about your company not appreciating you

What can you expect?

You can expect your FAT ass to be kicked to the curb in the not too distant future.

The days of AVERAGE American kids cruising into a comfortable middle class life are over

From the dawn of time

Hard work = success

Doing what the company hired you to do and being grateful and working with a smile on your face

You MUST be that hard worker

IF you demand a successful future.

Work 50 hours a week

and you will have a successful future

Work 40 hours to pay your bills

Work 10 hours for investment

This is the TOUGH work ethic

that will lead you to prosperity


Become enlightened to reality of the new and FUTURE workplace

Ah, satori.

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Satori Work Ethic

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