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Satori Heaven

Video Transcript

Satori Heaven

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

What is heaven?

What is hell?

That's easy

Heaven is everything you ever loved and wanted

Hell is everything you ever despised and feared

Yah, you want heaven

What's the greatest house you every saw?

It's yours

Everyone you ever loved is there waiting

Cars, watches, vacations - anything

It's yours

Everyone loves and admires you

Of, course

Everyone is fair and generous and smiling

Por supuesto

Wow, sounds good

Pure joy

Why were you born?

You were born so that you could LEARN

Good from bad

Sweet from sour

so that you know all the



to expect in Heaven

How do you get to heaven?

Come on, you know how

The Golden Rule is a good start

Everything WONDERFUL for you


It is heaven

Ah, Satori

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Satori Heaven


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