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Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

You are ambitious

Whether you are a teacher,

You work at Home Depot or

You are a firefighter

You are ambitious

You want to reach the top 10% of your profession

and enjoy the salary and the benefits


you can do this

Most workers only work half the time that they are at work

That means average workers - more than 50% are basically


They do enough to NOT get fired

Should you

Resent them -

be mad at them


Love them because they are creating opportunities for you to become indispensible

As an Action Principles Champion -

You can accomplish TWICE what an average worker does in the SAME amount of time


You actually work at work - ALL the time

You are ALERT and AWARE

AS you see AVERAGE employees run FROM Hard work

You run TOWARD

Hard work -

You EMBRACE a strong work ethic

You work 50 hours per week

40 hours to pay your bills

10 hours for your investments

Always alert and aware

You know the movers and shakers in your company and they know you

You network

You make sure that the BOSSES

know you

and like you

Your career is NOT static

You are NOT reliving the same BORING day over and over again

You NEVER stop learning and thinking and improving

To become indispensible,

without complaint,

you accept the tough assignments,

you are reliable,

you are a problem solver

At work, you are respected, appreciated and rewarded

or you get another job where you are respected, appreciated and rewarded.

As an Action Principles Champion,

as a tough, thoughtful person of action - you WILL succeed.

How do ambitious people succeed in their careers?

You get it

CAREERS as they REALLY are


You start in the mailroom and end up in the corner office.

You start as a waitress and end up owning the restaurant.

Ah, Satori

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Satori Careers

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