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Satori Fail

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Video Transcript

Satori Failure

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

When you are ambitious

When you have BIG goals

You will constantly push yourself to achieve

When you push yourself,

you WILL make mistakes

You WILL fail

YOU don't like to fail

OK, go to a place where you are ALONE


Call yourself an idiot

Kick yourself in the ASS

Then, get over it

Pick yourself up

Dust yourself off

Honestly assess your effort

Figure out what when wrong

Now, as a more seasoned veteran

Come back strong


Plod forward

The only reason that LOSERS don't fail

Is that LOSERS don't have the balls to try anything worthwhile in the first place


Study, plan, and take decisive action

IF you Fail - learn from your failure

REMEMBER, it is only over

When YOU say it is over

So, Bring on the failure

Ah, Satori

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Satori Fail

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