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Satori Teen

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Satori Teen

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

You are a teenager

Alert and aware,

you START to get it

You see people who are

rich, poor, fit, fat, lazy, ambitious, happy, depressed

You are a teenager

It's time to wake up

It's time to think for YOURSELF

and be your own person

Start figuring out WHY people are

WHO they are

Rich or poor,

Fit or fat,

Lazy or ambitious,

Happy or depressed

What's up with them

Pick the good traits and copy them

Identify the losers and figure out

what happened to them


Get a job

Make and have your OWN money

Yes, show the world,

buy your OWN car and clothes

YES, you CAN do this

Be exceptional at 15 and the odds are VERY good

that you'll be exceptional at 55

OR, just as clearly

Follow the losers at 15

and it's not hard to predict your life

Life is about choices

Bad choices = bad life

Drinking, drugs, sex -

will all be there tempting you

Good or bad

Fun or not

Are you going to be self-reliant

and VERY simply

think for yourself

One more thing,

FOR or good or FOR bad,

the odds are overwhelming that you will end

up very much like your FRIENDS

So, like it or not

look at your friends

and SEE yourself

Don't kid yourself

You already know what to do

Studying and sports and volunteering and working a part-time job and helping at home are GOOD

You know this

Casual sex, smoking a joint, drinking and driving,

having your life ruled by electronics NOT so good

You already know this

You are a teen -

Be smart

THINK think think for yourself and

choose a good long life for yourself

Ah, satori.

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Satori Teen

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