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Satori College

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Satori College

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

If your career goal is to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer

You have to go to college

OK, do it right,

your education is YOUR job

Work 50 hours at YOUR job -

Read and be prepared for classes

Customize the class with YOUR many questions

Take internships and work in YOUR field

Make 100% sure that WHAT you are STUDYING

IS what you WANT and EXPECT for YOUR career

Join associations - make connections

However, contrary to conventional wisdom

college MAY NOT BE the best choice for everyone


Half of college students do NOT graduate in 4 years

And of those who DO graduate,

HALF can't find college level employment

Average college debt now tops $26k

After 5 years, more than 50% of graduates

don't work in their major field of study

In other words, they majored in communications

and are now serving coffee


The average college student takes classes and studies a total of 20 hours a work

20 hours a week is a part-time job

You will NOT succeed working a part-time job

Satori - enlightenment

It is said that college graduates earn MUCH MORE than non-college graduates

BUT - ask yourself

MAYBE THIS is ONLY TRUE because most good students are PUSHED into college

What if

WHAT IF GOOD students decided to forgo college -

save tens of thousands of dollars in tuition

PLUS ALL the money they made in those 4-6 prime years or their lives

and THEN used that money to start businesses and to invest

Ask yourself

What if

College is good for some -

maybe FOR MANY -

BUT MAYBE not everyone

BEFORE diving off the cliff with everyone else

Should some - should many

take a gap year between high school and college

and seriously consider their career options

Then, whether they decide on college or NOT -

IF they are WINNERS


Get serious - have a plan - and work that plan 50 hours a week

College Yes

Or College No

Ah, Satori

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Satori College

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