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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Miyamoto Musashi

was history's greatest swordsman.

Musashi trained for years and was well tested in battle

But this wasn't enough for Musashi

Musashi wanted to be considered the BEST -

The most FEARED


So, he had to take on the man

who was - at that time -

considered the most famous -

the most feared swordsman

in ALL Japan,

Seijuro Sensei.

Musashi went to Kyoto to challenge him.

At that time,

It was CUSTOMARY for

the senior students to fight battles for their head teacher,

NO, I don't think so

That wasn't for Musashi

Musashi didn't want to fight any FLUNKIES

Musashi wanted to duel with the MASTER himself.

So he went to the town square

and challenged Seijuro openly and directly.

In other words,

Musashi got in Seijuro's FACE

The duel was to happen according to tradition-

Which meant

at dawn,

with full etiquette and dress.

Seijuro Sensei arrived at dawn in full gear.

Musashi was not there.

As the minutes

Then an hour passed,

Seijuro became visibly and increasingly enraged.

At the last moment,

just before Seijuro was about to leave,

Yelling and screaming that

Musashi was a fraud and a coward

Musashi stepped out of the crowd dressed as a PEASANT.

Seijuro was even MORE angered at Musashi

His appearance was a MOCKERY and a joke,


to make matters even WORSE

the young FOOL disrespected him by only carrying a

wooden practice sword!

Seijuro stepped forward in anger and slashed downward at Musashi.

Musashi lifted his wooden practice sword into Seijuro's chin killing him instantly.


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