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The Professor Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

A professor stood behind his desk

Before him was a LARGE glass jar

He filled the jar with rocks and asked his class if the jar was full

They said "Yes"

Then the professor poured small pebbles into the jar

and the pebbles rolled into the spaces between the rocks.

Again, The professor asked his students if the jar was filled,

Again, the class said, "Yes."

Then the professor poured sand into the jar and the filled in the space between the pebbles and the rocks.

Still full?

The class said, "Yes."

The professor said that the rocks represent your family, your spouse, your health, your children.

Even if EVERYTHING else were lost

BUT those rocks, your life would still be FULL.

The pebbles are your job, your house, your car

The sand is all the SMALL stuff

If you put the sand into the jar FIRST there won't be room for the rocks or the pebbles

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The Professor

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