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Win at Everything

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How to win at everything?

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Can you win at everything?

No, you can't.

Can you TRY to win at everything?

Absolutely, you CAN.

You can. You should.

You MUST be driven by a compelling competitive spirit.

You are a SENIOR martial artist

You aren't some grey, small, little person

who is satisfied to sit on the sidelines of life.

Or, worse, quake and hide away in the shadows.

You want to be IN the game.

"Put me in, coach!"

You may be banged and bruised.

You may lose.

But, you will fight the good fight.

You will give it your ALL

You will ALWAYS do your best.

Do you want good health,

a nice family, great friends,

a job you love doing,

a comfortable retirement?

Yes, YOU want it all.

Yes, YOU can commit yourself to doing what it takes to get it ALL.

Let me tell YOU something VERY important

It is YOUR choice.

Go out for a long run and when you're out alone by yourself


"This is my one life.

I want to win at everything!"

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and start living your life as an Action Principles Champion

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Win at Everything

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