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How to be Tough

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Being a senior martial artist,

people are going to assume your pretty tough.

What makes a tough person?

Man or woman

Well, it's someone who

Stands tall, confident and strong.

Doesn't suffer fools easily.

Someone who is in control, quiet and self-reliant

Someone who is focused

has goals and isn't wandering around aimlessly, clueless, wasting time

A tough person listens more than spouts meaningless opinions -

A tough person is Someone who does NOT bitch, moan, whine or complain.

Someone who Doesn't gossip, lie or exaggerate

A tough person will have a strong work ethic -

Someone KNOWN for work hard

Someone who doesn't step back but steps forward

when a hard job needs to get done

Someone who Leads rather than follows

You know, a tough person can enjoy a good time

Yes, a tough person can be someone who LIKES luxury BUT doesn't NEED luxury

Find a tough person and you'll find someone who can

Think, plan and then ACT decisively

A tough person will be dependable and loyal

He or she will be

Physically fit, squared away: clean, mannered and organized.

Intelligent - Resilient - A Risk taker - who is brave and tested

And, finally, of course, a tough people can be RELIED upon to defend themselves and those in their care.

Yes, this IS a TOUGH standard for tough people

Is this you?

I hope this is the idealized ME

The person that WE

as martial artists

aspire to become.

Will this be you?


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How to be Tough

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