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To Succeed, Go Hardcore

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Video Transcript

To Succeed, Go Hardcore

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

What if your life were on the line?

What if your kids were kidnapped?

How much WOULD you do?

How much COULD you do?

Tear down walls, walk through glass,

listen to no one except

your inner voice SCREAMING for decisive action.

Do you WANT to be successful this much?

Or are you just going to continue to pussy foot around,

talking a lot and WAITING - HOPING -

for others to come to your rescue?

Let's look at the worst case scenarios

What if you were a drunk or a druggie?

This is a fact

If you keep drinking and keep drugging,

you will die and probably sooner rather than later.

Can you be tough?

Can you go HARDCORE and face your addiction and save your future

Well, there are 12 step Programs - Organizations founded to help drunks and druggies,

AA and NA.

AND, these organizations have been at it a long time.

These organizations know what advice to give because the advice has worked OVER and over again.

It begins with the painful - yes painful - task of ...

A hundred MEETINGS IN 100 DAYS.

WHERE EVER you are and WHAT ever you are doing -

get your ass to a meeting.

Just do that.

Get your ass to a meeting.

Is the sitting there that important,

listening to other drunks and junkies? NO.

What is really important is the self-discipline you build from completing a difficult task.

This is the true path to all success.

It is self-discipline.

Stopping back habits

Or building good habits

It is going hardcore - self-discipline

Go to the gym today.

Make 10 cold calls today.

Be nice to your spouse today.

Look at investment real estate today.

Go to class and pay attention today.

Doing something worthwhile today is EASY-

NOW, if you are tough

NOW, if you are committed to a better life

lets see you DO IT 100 days in a row!

Change your life completely for the better in 100 days?


Absolutely with self-discipline.

Have YOU got what it takes to go hardcore for 100 days

and make significant improvements in your life?

Read the Action Principles

Become an Action Principles Champion

Let this be you


Doing what it takes

No matter how hard


Tell the world!

Get out of my way

I am going to be successful.

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To Succeed, Go Hardcore

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