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To Succeed - Watch yourself

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To Succeed - Watch yourself

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Watch yourself

Watch YOUR thoughts;

YOUR thoughts become YOUR words.

WATCH words your words;

YOUR words become YOUR actions.

Watch your actions;

YOUR actions become YOUR habits.

Watch your habits;

YOUR habits become YOUR character.

Watch your character;

YOUR character becomes YOUR destiny.

If you follow these Action Principles

I predict YOUR destiny will be

A millionaire in 20 years or less

YOUR destiny will be a full life of purpose, passion, prosperity and peace.

Watch yourself and LIKE what you see happening.

Download the Action Principles as ebook on Amazon

OR Even better

Go to and Get your SIGNED Action Principles book.

If you like my videos

The Action Principles are the foundation for all I teach

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To Succeed - Watch yourself

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