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How to achieve Extraordinary Success

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Video Transcript

How to achieve Extraordinary Success

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

You AREN'T dumb

You are smart

You AREN'T lazy

You are hard working

Stop and think

You know

If you continue to do what you have always done,

Good or Bad

you'll get what you you've always gotten.

If you do the same amount of work as your AVERAGE colleagues,

you'll be average.

Do you want to be average?

Do you want to settle for what life hands you?

Or, do you want EXTRAORDINARY success?

Do you want the big house and the luxury car and the vacations and the country clubs and private schools?

Do you want to be the boss and call the shots?


What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting to live an extraordinary life in your NEXT life?

OTHERS have already done what you want to do

If you want extraordinary success, above and beyond the average,

it is up to you.



YES, kick ass and work SO much harder than average people,

that an average person, will say

that you should be COMMITTED!

Most people ONLY work half the time that they are at work.


What are they doing the rest of the time?

Look around

They are gossiping, playing pocket pool, online shopping ...

Don't get mad.

In fact, Be Happy.

These AVERAGE people create a tremendous opportunity for you to excel.

The average college student goes to class and studies a TOTAL of 20 hours a week -

THIS is a part-time job

THIS is a joke

You have to do something extraordinary to be EXTRORDINARY

OK, that's easy,

Just start WORKING most of the time that you are at work.

And if you're in college, you can take internships in your field -

you can build a career network

AND, this is ALSO important,

Most people avoid the harder parts of their jobs like the plague.

They don't want to follow-up

and make cold calls

and deal with customer problems

and speak to underperforming subordinates.

They DON'T want to do inventory and stock shelves and mop floors.

Look at what the average people around you are avoiding.

Now, you DO what they avoid.

You make yourself indispensable.

You make yourself the leader.

NOW, you aren't a CHUMP

If you aren't admired and respected with raises and promotions you either get another job

OR you start your own business.

The DUMB, the WEAK and the LAZY

Are paving the way to your EXTRAORDINARY success

This is your ONE life

This is your opportunity to shine

Laugh at the slackers

No, No, NO - be nice AND THANK THEM

Do you have your Action Principles book?

Get an Action Principle eBook on Amazon or a real book signed by me on

The Action Principles shine the light on the path

What are you waiting for?

Make Today, the first day of your EXTRAORDINARY life.

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How to achieve Extraordinary Success

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