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The Secret Weapons of Success

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The Secret Weapons of Success

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Maybe, you DIDN'T go to an Ivy League college.

Maybe, you WEREN'T born to a wealthy family.

Maybe, you HAVEN'T got a lot of support.

Let these be MINOR variables.

You can use your SECRET weapons to succeed FAR beyond the average.

SECRET WEAPON - You are ambitious.

You AREN'T standing still playing pocket pool

You have chosen and ARE doing a job and working in a situation that can lead to your success.

In other words, maybe - maybe - you start frying potatoes at Mickey D's but your true AMBITION is to OWN the franchise

OR, you can sell real estate or insurance or cars or airplanes

You can work on commission where your earnings are unlimited.

OR, You can own your own business and decide your own income level.

You are networking.

You are finding mentors.

You can chart a career path and you can see yourself moving along that career path.


You are focused.


You know where you are along your career path.

You know the next step.

You keep going.

You take risks.

You make mistakes. You learn from those mistakes.

You are determined. You are persistent.

You get up and you keep going.


You are ready, willing and able to OUT work all competitors -

You will NOT allow any other person to tell you what you CAN or can't do.

Let NO one dare think of you as weak or uncommitted.

ANYONE who underestimates YOU makes a BIG mistake.

You will out work ALL competitors

and you do that EVERY DAY

Working fifty hours a week is NOT an unreasonable burden.

It IS your path to success

40 hours to pay you bills - 10 hours for investment

This IS your path to success

It will be clear to anyone interested THAT

You are ready, willing and able to do what you need to do to place yourself among the elite of your profession.

Here is your most powerful SECRET WEAPON

You are an Action Principles® Champion.

Get the book and follow the Action Principles.

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The Secret Weapons of Success

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