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The Dark Side of Success

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Video Transcript

The Dark Side of Success

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Unfortunately, there can be a dark side to success

You can laugh but it's true

And, you've got to be ready for it

You are the boss.

Some people WON'T like you.

You work hard and get a promotion.

Some people WON'T like you.

You make a lot of money.

Some people will be jealous and resentful of you.

What can you do?

Here IS the point.

You CAN'T do anything.

You CAN'T change other people,

you can ONLY change your reaction to them.

You are ambitious

WHILE MOST people are willing to settle for AVERAGE.

MOST people are willing to sit back as YOU work harder and longer and YOU take risks.

MOST people don't want to take risks and make mistakes and get blamed.

MOST people will do ANYTHING to avoid confrontation and ANY type of criticism.

Most people will do anything to NOT look bad to their friends and co-workers AND even strangers.

What can you do?

Ignore the majority?

YES, ignore the sneers of the cynics.

You can do your best.

You can win.

You can conquer.

This is the TRUTH, when you shine,

SORRY, but others WILL look bad.

YES, when YOU win,

Many OTHERS - rather than look inward for reasons

Will look to external reasons for their disappointment

As crazy as this sounds - THEY rationalize that they failed

because YOU succeeded

Then because there are more losers than winners

The losers all gang together to support each other

The LOSERS will conclude that you

won because you were a lucky kiss ass

This is the bottom line

This is important

Most average people can NOT stand criticism.

Most people want to conform.

This is what makes average people average.

Being a winner YOU Stand Out

And when you stand out - others want to knock you down

Being Successful WILL demand that your toughness

Realizing and ACCEPTING that everyone will NOT like you.

Accept this and plod forward.

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The Dark Side of Success

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