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Face The Truth

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Success - Always Face the Truth

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

If you drive a bus,

you are probably subject to a union contract which means - whether you do a good job or NOT your income is fixed.

If you work for someone else's family business and there is a family member who is your age,

Who is going to get the promotions?

Favoritism will probably limit your advancement.

If you work in a video, camera, CD or bookstore, you are selling an obsolete product.

If you write for a newspaper, come on - print is dead

If you are drinking too much or have other bad personal habits, you will find it harder and harder to concentrate on your career.

If you are forty year old and your goal is to become a Navy Seal, get over it - ain't gonna happen

If you want to retire young and your strategy is to buy more lottery tickets rather than buy real estate,

Please, take a third grade math course.

If you weight 350 pounds and want to run a sub-four hour marathon,

you need to master a few training objectives BEFORE you set out to run 26.1 miles.

Never Lie To Yourself

Look in the mirror.

Stay alert and aware.

Open your eyes and your ears.


Face reality.


The facts are the facts

There are lots of things about you and your world that you CAN'T change.

If you are Caucasian. You can't change your race.

If you were raised in a dysfunctional family, You can't undo the past.


If You are lazy. You can change that.

Start working hard.

If You have bad parents.

You can be a good parent.

If you work for an idiot.

You can quit or start your own business.

If You are a slob, you can be neat.

If you are mean, you can be nice.

If you are cheap, you can be generous.

If you need to learn, who or what is stopping you?

God, give me the power to know the positive changes I can make and the power to do it.

Many people CAN'T handle the truth

Successful people CAN handle the truth.

This is the Action Principles® - This is THE TRUTH

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Face The Truth

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