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How To Retire By 40

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Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

How to retire by 40

Don't go to college


Instead, Work at Walmart

This sounds counter-intuitive

Which is a nicer way of saying CRAZY and STUPID

But, Is it?

Look at today's AVERAGE college graduate

Average debt is $27,000 with some poor lemmings in hock up to $100,000

and the amount of college debt is RISING every year

50% of college graduates are unemployed or underemployed

MAYBE after 4 years of partying, I mean college -

YOU are an expert at drinking beer through your nose but

didn't it dawn on you that someday you'd have to find a DREADED J-O-B

Didn't anyone tell you that during your college years, you should have been working part-time in your field -

proving yourself,

making connections -

maybe taking internships -

getting your name known -



Or, did you hear

Great job, Heather, nice going Keith - you graduated magna sum cum loudly -

Sounds nice but where are you?

4 valuable productive years of your young life gone FOREVER -

you have LITTLE or NO income -

You are mired in debt and living back home -

Where you hear more patronize BS

Great job, Mommy and Daddy - well, Mommy anyway - is so proud of you


COULD your life have been MUCH better had if you opted out of college and gotten a job at Walmart -

Maybe, in 4 years, you make YOU MAKE $100k -

You still live at home

but with NO debt

You are young, you like to have fun

so Maybe, you spend $10,000 a year on yourself-

YOU STILL have $60,000 before taxes

which you use to invest in 3 real estate investment properties

What have you done -

What have you done -

you poor slug working for Walmart

Well, if you watch my Real Estate Millionaire Tip series on You Tube or on my website -

you know that you are ALREADY HALF way to becoming a multi-millionaire

Rewind this -

let me repeat this ALREADY HALF way to becoming a multi-millionaire

Is the AVERAGE college graduate going to be a multi-millionaire --- EVER?

Don't make me LAUGH

The average college graduate -

sunk down in the hole of debt-

STILL - for some reason - I GUESS because they have been given all those nice plastic trophies and A(s) all their young lives

Have WONDERFUL self-esteem

Some day I'm going to be the President of something

They don't realize YET how screwed they are

Emphasis on the word YET

YOU SEE, with NO serious work ethic -

The AVERAGE college graduate - if not NOW - very soon reality will dawn

And then, and then - life will be

looking to blame the EVIL rich -

BLAME Washington - their teachers - their parents -

BLAME anyone and EVERYONE for their mounting problems and disappointments

These poor lost babies - they won't get it

You see NO companies will EVER want to put up with their gripping and poor performance

if they lack a SERIOUS work ethic and have an entitled mindset

Many will NEVER get passed the interview process and get a job

and MANY of the rest will spend their entire lives - restarting and restarting and restarting their careers

Like a beach ball being battered around by the crowd at a rock concert

Forever bouncing from job to job to job and NEVER gaining career traction

Is their fate AFTER four years of college fun to live a life on food stamps?

It's JUST not fair

AHHHH, but

This could NEVER happen



Work at Walmart - mow lawns - paint houses - waitress - drive a cab - sell cars - be a plumber

If you have a STRONG work ethic

If you have the ACTION PRINICIPLES and me as your teacher

The type of job really doesn't matter -

Work your ass off

Figure out how to get promotions

Volunteer for overtime

Work 40 hours for your expenses and 10 hours for investment

Follow my Real Estate Millionaire Tip series and in 20 years or less,

you can retire and go fishing,

retire and write love songs,

retire and save the whales

OR simply, retire and tell the world to KISS YOUR ASS

AND - even better - more insurance

you can watch and follow the advice in my Small Business Millionaire Tip series

Here is a LITTLE taste of those Small Business Millionaire Tips

Are you sitting down?

Are you ready to FINALLY hear the TRUTH?

Take a rusty old lawnmower

Walk down the street

knock on 30 doors

ASK, Can I mow your lawn?

Ten people will peek out the curtains and not answer the door

Ten people will threaten to call the cops on you

9 people will listen to you and THEN slam the door in your face

Then one nice old lady will let you mow her lawn

This wonderful old lady is called your CUSTOMER -

love your customer - your CUSTOMER is giving you money -

MONEY to buy a new lawnmower, new truck, website, advertising -

money to pay your bills and money to invest

Love your customer

Now, the college educated brain has been BRAINWASHED to believe,

"My good man, I like stopped mowing lawns for $30 when I was 12 years old."

WHILE The Action Principles brain, my student, is going to think

Hey, thank you Baby Jesus, I have a customer GIVING ME MONEY.

If I treat this customer right, I can come back the next 30 weeks of the mowing season - that's $900 - over ten years $9,000 -

I can also do other jobs for my customer- raking leaves, shoveling snow - planting flowers - and probably double this money - $18,000 -

WOW, $18,000 I can make a down payment on another investment property

WOW, $18,000 and all because I HAD THE BALLS - for just a few hours - to knock on a few doors

I love my customer!

Now, I want to get ANOTHER customer

ALL successful businesses are built ONE satisfied customer at a time

If you think and act like this and own your own business, you will be a successful entrepreneur

If you think like this and work for someone else, you will be an indispensible employee

You want to

Make money - save and invest -

You want ME as your teacher

This means that

Subscribe to this Action Principles channel

Every week - you can't wait for my NEW videos

Watch my Real Estate Millionaire Tip series

Watch my Small Business Millionaire Tip Series

AND, retire by 40 -

And you may be thinking -

BILL, do I really have to work that long - to 40?

The truthful answer - Maybe NOT

I am very excited for ANYONE smart enough to follow my teaching

I 'm a senior citizen

But I wish I could do it all again

Whatever I know

I will teach.

If you study, you will know.

Watch this video again and again until you get it

Then, GIVE BACK - Become an Action Principles champion, a tough, thoughtful man or woman of action

Please make a tax deductible donation to our non-profit educational work - here on YouTube or on our website,

Thank you and get to work.

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How To Retire By 40

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