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12 Characteristics of a Great Person

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Video Transcript

12 Characteristics of a Great Person

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Can you be a great person?

EVERY day, you can try

Here are a dozen characteristics to consider:

1. Be Authentic - No one likes a phony -

Make sure that WHEN you say something that your word means SOMETHING

2. Be a Role model - a example for others

In other words, - walk the talk -

Aligned your behavior with YOUR Action Principles(R)

3. Embrace self-reliance

Be capable of completing the mission WITHOUT the need for a lot of hand holding

When you are in your 20s REJECT being called a CHILD

4. Work hard

Most people only work half the time they are at work -

this is NOT you -

5. Be Solution oriented -

No bitching, moaning, whining or complaining

Be someone who is open to constructive ideas

6. Be Self-confident -

You know and utilize your strengths

You BELIEVE in yourself

7. You are Smart -

You read

You are alert and aware

You are ALWAYS learning

How do you get smart? -

you LISTEN, you THINK, you PLAN, you ACT

8. You have a positive mental attitude -

you do not wallow in setbacks -

You make a mistake

You try to learn from that mistake

You plod forward

9.You are generous -

for a great person -

actually the more you have, the less you need simple

You are willing to share

You WANT to share

10. You are Forgiving -

Someone PISSES you off

In the REAL world this happens

Now, stop and consider the slight

Is it personal or permanent?

Does it matter?

Can you Get over it and move on

The GREAT person is capable of being

empathic and compassionate toward others

11. Have a Sense of humor -

Don't take yourself too seriously -

YOU are human

Be able to laugh at yourself

Pull the cork out of your ass

and have a good time

12. Be Adventurous -

willing to take risks and push yourself

Live your life

Read your Action Principles and be amazed at how far they take you

Get your Action Principles as an eBook on Amazon or a real <B>SIGNED book on - in fact - we will send you two copies - one for yourself and one to share.

How great is that!

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12 Characteristics of a Great Person

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