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17 Characteristics of a Real Man

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17 Characteristics of a Real Man

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

17 Characteristics of a Real Man

1. No bitching, moaning, whining or complaining - complete the mission.

2. A real man Can separate the important and the urgent from the unnecessary.

3. A real man Doesn't gossip or spread rumors.

Think strong, quiet type.

4. A real man prides himself on his hygiene and impeccable manners.

5. A real man Will take risks to advance. A real man Is decisive.

6. A real man Doesn't have to talk tough,

A real man IS tough. Embraces challenge.

7. A real man doesn't speak idly.

His word is his bond.

A real man is loyal, a stand-up guy.

8. A real man is self-reliant.

He isn't looking for Mommy and Daddy

His future rests on HIS own shoulders.

9. A real man Has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself.

10. A real man Avoids complicating matters.

He Keeps it simple.

11. A real man Appreciates his life and respects those who help him.

12. A real man Can put others first.

He steps forward.

He Volunteers and is ever ready to assist those who really can't help themselves.

13. A real man Is curious, reads and is informed through self-educated.

14. A real man Works out - exercises and looks it.

15. A real man is Ready, willing and able to defend themselves and those in his charge.

16. A real man Loves his spouse and his family.

17. A real man Is a role model.

Be that REAL man

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Be that REAL man

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17 Characteristics of a Real Man

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