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Is it time for a gut check?

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Video Transcript

Is it time for a gut check?

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Everyone can - and does - fall into a rut, a routine, a malaise.

Sometimes, you are just NOT yourself.

You aren't operating 100% on all cylinders.

OK STOP - Deep Breath

Your choice.

Do you CONTINUE to chug along getting slower ..... and .... slower?

Or, do you give yourself a SERIOUS kick in the ass and snap out of it?

As a senior martial artist

YOU must be TOUGH on YOU

Break the routine

Mix it up.

Go hardcore.

Sounds uncomfortable?

It IS supposed to be uncomfortable.

If you go to the gym AFTER work, go BEFORE work.

FORCE yourself to make 3 cold calls.

Talk to 2 people you may NOT like.

Run LONGER or FASTER until you FEEL the burn.

Take $20 and buy two Action Principles books -

one for yourself and one to share.

Skip lunch for a week.

DON'T watch TV for 24 hours.

Sit down with your kids.

Hug your spouse.


NOW sit down and HONESTLY write your own list of things that are HARD for YOU to do


You want to break out of the funk -

Climb out of the rut


Take notice of yourself.

This is your Action Principles -

your 20 minutes of quiet time each day

Is it time for a gut check?

Embrace the burn, baby!

Get back to the best you.

Get your Action Principles

Read and follow your Action Principles

Get an eBook on Amazon or two real SIGNED copies of the Action Principles for only $20 - on

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Is it time for a gut check?

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