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Are You Stupid?

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Video Transcript

Are You Stupid?

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Are you waiting for the economy to turn around before you get a job?

Are you waiting for your boss to die or retire before you get a promotion?

Are you waiting for your slacker children to snap out of it and find a job?

Are you waiting to join a gym before exercising?

Are you waiting for some miracle diet pill?

Have you not read a book in a year?

Every morning are you racing like a maniac to get to work?

Do you waste every night in front of the television or the computer?

Are you 40 and dress and like 20?

Do you overeat?

Do you speak over others and rarely listen?

Do you smoke or do drugs?

When is the last time you saw beauty in the world?

When is the last time your told your spouse and kids that you love them?

Do you NEVER volunteer

Do you NEVER work hard

AND then YOU MIRACULOUSLY expect to be LIKED and respected?

How stupid are you?

Depending on your answers to these questions,

you could be VERY stupid

Very simple

BE Honest

Be tough

YOU already know you should be doing

Don't be stupid

Go to your Action Principles(R).

Take your twenty minutes of quiet time each day.

Honestly assess if what you are doing now

and about to do will bring you closer to your goals or NOT.

Blindly walking around in a befuddled fog.

Relying on others to do for you.

It's just plain stupid.

Being a senior martial artist,

being an Action Principles Champion -

you shouldn't be stupid.

Do you agree?

Then, don't be stupid

Do something smart

Do you like these videos and the Action Principles philosophy -

Then don't pretend and leave the support of this work to others

Be smart - join me

Show your support

Make a donation - $ 5 - $10 - $20 - do something positive

Come on - together

Thank you

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Are You Stupid?

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